Sugar CRM Customization

Sugar CRM is a very powerful & popular customer relationship management software. It is very flexible and hence, provides a perfect platform for Sugar The software is available in four versions such as Sugar Community Edition, Sugar Express, Sugar Professional and Sugar Enterprise.

The above products were developed on the basis of Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP,however, they also run well on other platforms that can deliver PHP (such as Windows, Solaris and Mac OS X). Sugar CRM can also use MS IIS as a web server, and MS SQL or Oracle as alternative databases.

Sugar CRM Customization can be done for sales-force automation, marketing campaigns, customer support, collaboration and reporting. Advantages of Sugar CRM customization includes: suitable for any corporate regardless of its size, easy customization due to open source architecture, smooth integration of new modules and applications, low implementation cost, timely professional support and easy access online access.

Our company � PHP Software Development has invested significant time and effort in developing a team of skilled PHP programmers, who are capable of delivering higher-end Sugar CRM Customization projects. We have complete command over the Sugar CRM SOAP framework and API which allows us to customize and integrate Sugarcrm as per the given requirements.

Our company has extensive experience of implementing Sugar CRM for clients across diverse industry segments. Our team has successfully mapped the business process requirements of all our clients onto Sugar CRM consistently.

Some Sugar CRM Customizations done by our company includes:

  • Administration

  • Marketing Automation

  • Sales Management

  • Email Configurations

  • Collaboration

  • News Service

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