PHP Application Testing

PHP application testing is a technique to uncover the hidden bugs in the PHP application developed. It is also aimed at evaluating an attribute or capability of a PHP program and determining that it meets its required results. Testing can be carried out either by manual or by automation means, thereby validating whether the software product developed meets customer requirements or not. Application deviations are permissible to an extent that does not affect the user of the software ultimately, since users are the one who plays with software finally to fulfill their functional requirements.

The area of PHP application testing is an expert domain, which requires seasoned software professionals. It is advisable that the software testing professionals also have the knowledge of PHP programming. We at PHP Software Development � are equipped with a highly skilled team of software testing professionals, well versed with PHP programming and advanced testing methods. Our testers are capable of performing testing with the help of various higher end software testing approaches and tools.

Our team of professionals has delivered a wide range of PHP application testing projects such as:

  • Functional / non-functional testing

  • Static / dynamic testing

  • OS compatibility testing

  • Automated testing

  • Regression testing

PHP Software Development is a and testing company well placed to carry out offshore or outsourced PHP application testing projects from India. Our company has appropriate resources and technical expertise to implement the entire software testing cycle (from requirement analysis to test closure).

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