PHP Application Migration

PHP application migration is a process of migrating or modernization of existing operating systems and applications to a newer version. Technology is changing at a rapid pace, newer versions of operating systems are introduced over a shorter period of time. Migrating to a newer version of OS or improved work flow applications, helps the organizations to save time resources and improve productivity.

PHP Software Development is a key player in PHP application migration or software re-engineering services. Our company is endowed with a team of highly skilled software professionals, engaged in implementing advanced re-engineering projects. Work-flow applications play a very crucial role in delivering quality and timely service to the customers/clients. We at PHP Software Development understand the importance of work-flow software requirements and hence, according plan our re-engineering process to meet the client requirements.

Our overall PHP application migration and re-engineering process involves:
  • Analysis � At first our team of professionals conduct an in-depth analysis of existing operating system environment, work-flow softwares and then a detailed report is prepared with the help of latest tools.

  • Planning � On the basis of analysis, a logical plan is prepared as regards migrating to a newer version of OS or bringing about up-gradation in PHP applications used by the organization.

  • Execution � On the basis of planning, re-engineering process is carried with the help of latest tools, by our team of highly skilled PHP programmers.

  • Testing � After thorough testing, the PHP application migration is carried out with the help of advanced tools and techniques that retain the original features/capabilities of the application.

  • Support � We at PHP Software Development believe in high level dedicated support to our clients.

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