PHP Application Maintenance

PHP application maintenance is an activity of bringing about modification in a PHP application product after delivery to correct faults, to improve performance or other functionality features or to adapt the product to a modified environment. We at PHP Software Development specialize in maintenance of PHP applications. Outsourcing of application maintenance to our company provides several advantages to the organizations.

The companies outsourcing their PHP application maintenance to us are able to concentrate on their main business activity, thereby making an optimal use of resources and achieving increase in productivity. They are also able to make use of our specialized application maintenance services or skills, as we have a team of highly skilled PHP application developers.

Offshore PHP application maintenance helps the outsourcing companies to cut down their cost of software maintenance drastically. The obvious result being increased net profit margins and return on investment for the company. The increased profit margins can be re-deployed in the business for expansion purpose, thereby helping to meet the long term organizational goals.

A common perception of software maintenance is that �software maintenance is merely for fixing bugs�. However, we at PHP Software Development provide PHP application maintenance services for a wide range of objectives, over 80% of our maintenance effort is used for non-corrective actions.

Our company � PHP Software Development located in India, provides PHP application maintenance services in various core categories such as:

  • Corrective Maintenance

  • Adaptive Maintenance

  • Perfective Maintenance

  • Preventive Maintenance

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