MySQL Database Administration

With the introduction of advanced business automation technologies, the method of managing the back-end process of business has changed drastically. Now, organizations are well-equipped with latest computer networks, hardware and application softwares including relational database management systems. MySQL database is more preferred by organizations world wide due to its simple architecture and flexibility. MySQL Database Administration is a specialized domain and requires extensive experience and good knowledge about the product.

MySQL Database Administration is the function of managing and maintaining MySQL database management systems software. The typical database administration responsibilities would include:

  • Installation, configuration and upgrading of database server software.

  • Evaluating database features and database related products.

  • Establishing and maintaining sound backup and recovery policies and procedures.

  • Taking care of the database design and implementation.

  • Implementing and maintaining database security.

  • Database tuning and performance monitoring.

  • Application tuning and performance monitoring.

Taking off-site MySQL Database Administration to our company, would help organizations with:

  • Database designing and Analysis

  • 24*7 Database Monitoring

  • Database Backup and recovery

  • Technical support for database

  • Reporting on daily and weekly basis

We at PHP Software Development are empowered with a dedicated team of MySQL DBAs (System DBAs, Development DBAs and Application DBAs) capable of performing MySQL Database Administration irrespective of volume of data. Our professionals have wide experience in using various native and third party database management tools to fine tune the database and to achieve optimum utilization of server resources.

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