Mambo CMS Customization

Mambo is a free open source content management system providing rich content management features for simple to complex websites. Mambo is written in PHP scripting language and uses MySQL database. It provides a very flexible environment for Mambo CMS customization to add more functionality or added features to the CMS product.

Mambo CMS customization can be done to modify various functionalities of the product to meet the requirements of the organization. The product can be customized for page caching, modification of default templates, to add RSS feeds, web indexing, to add news flashes, blogs, forums, polls, calendars, search features and more.

Mambo - the open source CMS product offers a fairly robust API for programmers. Our team of PHP programmers at PHP Software Development is capable of harnessing the ultimate power of Mambo APIs for Mambo CMS customization. Mambo is very flexible and extensible, these features of Mambo enables it to be used in many different ways. Mambo is used world over, organizations as diverse as the French Parliament and Mitsubishi use Mambo.

Our Core Mambo CMS Customization Services Include:

  • Mambo design template customization

  • Mambo design template integration

  • Mambo module installation and configuration

  • Mambo administration (Content Management Services)

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