Community Web Portal Development

A community is a group of people that primarily interact via communication media for social, professional, educational or other purposes. If the mechanism is a computer network, it is called an online community. Community Web Portal Development is a skillful task as many means are used in social software separately or in combination.

PHP is a widely used server side scripting language, extensively used for Community Web Portal Development. It runs on a web server, which processes PHP code and creates web page content from it. It is an open source software, it can be deployed on most web servers such as Apache, Microsoft IIS, etc. and almost every operating system and platform free of charge.

We at PHP Software, provide specialized services in Community Web Portal Development, our team of PHP professionals are highly experienced with PHP/MySQL and other latest technologies. We strongly believe in Agile programming model, i.e rapid prototype deployment, working software, regular adaptation to changing circumstances and needs.

Our team at PHP Software has implemented a range of community site projects from India, we have developed community portals with advanced features, like text-based chat rooms, voice based forums, video text, avatars and more. Our company provides timely, efficient and affordable Community Web Portal Development or PHP Programming Services. We have successfully carried out various offshore web development projects for clients across diverse industry segments including community web portal or site development.

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